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Verbal Quiz - Claims / Hypotheses / Arguments

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1. Dr. Alice Clarke, a developmental psychologist, argues that children who are exposed to music education at a young age develop stronger language, cognitive, and social-emotional skills than their peers who do not receive music education. In her study, Dr. Clarke investigated the academic performance and social-emotional development of children who participated in a school-based music education program compared to a control group of children who attended the same school without participating in the music program. Which finding, if true, would most directly support Dr. Clarke's claimn?

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2. Dylan Education, a leading educational institution, has implemented a program that prioritizes recruiting teachers who received high scores on standardized tests and graduated from highly-ranked colleges. Dylan Education believes that hiring such teachers will result in improved student performance. Which finding, if true, would most directly support Dylan Education's belief?

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3. The Mediterranean diet, which consists mainly of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and olive oil, has been linked to numerous health benefits. Some nutritionists claim that the Mediterranean diet can lower the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes more efficiently than other diets. Which finding, if true, would most directly support this claim?

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4. Market research has suggested that consumers are increasingly interested in buying locally sourced food products, as they believe these products are of higher quality and better for the environment. A recent study aimed to investigate whether locally sourced food products actually live up to these expectations. Which finding, if true, would most directly support the claim?

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5. Recent findings suggest that the use of virtual reality (VR) technology in rehabilitation settings, particularly for patients who have experienced strokes, could improve motor function recovery. The idea is that VR gives patients the opportunity to practice specific movements in a controlled, immersive environment, accelerating their recovery. Which finding, if true, would most directly support the use of VR in stroke rehabilitation?

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