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Math Quiz -Geometry




Covering: geometric concepts such as lines, angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, and various coordinate geometry topics, including the distance formula, midpoint formula, and slope.

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1. A parallelogram has sides of lengths 4 and 6 and an angle of 120 degrees. What is the area of the parallelogram?

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2. A right-angled triangle has legs of lengths 15 cm and 20 cm. What is the length of its hypotenuse?

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3. If the endpoints of the diameter of a circle are (-5, 2) and (3, -4), what is the radius of the circle?

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4. Two concentric circles share the same center, and the radius of the smaller circle is 6. If the area of the annulus (the region between the two circles) is 42π, what is the radius of the larger circle?

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5. What are the coordinates of the midpoint of the line segment joining the points (8, 10) and (4, 2)?

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