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Math Quiz -Graphs/Charts

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The graph of the function f is shown. Which of the following is a value of x for which f(x) = 0 ?

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The function f models Jack's pulse, in beats per minute (bpm), as a function of his speed, in kilometers per hour (km/h), on a stationary bicycle. Based on the model, what was Jack's pulse, in bpm, when his speed was 0 km/h?

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The scatterplot shows the total number of home runs hit in major league baseball, in ten-year intervals, for selected years. The line of best fit for the data is also shown. Which of the following is closest to the difference between the actual number of home runs and the number predicted by the line of best fit in 2003?


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What is the slope of the line graphed in the xy-plane?

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The scatterplot above shows the average fuel economy for a certain class of car driven at 12 different speeds. The graph of a quadratic model for the data is also shown. For what fraction of the 12 speeds does the model overestimate the average fuel economy?

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