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Verbal Quiz - Independent clause / Run-ons / Fragments

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1. The astronomy club met once a month to discuss the latest discoveries and theories about the universe. They often invited guest speakers, such as university professors or researchers, to share their insights and expertise ________ the club members broadened their understanding of the cosmos.

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2. The school library underwent significant renovations, transforming it into a modern learning center. The updated space included advanced technology, comfortable seating areas, and a dedicated quiet zone ________ students found the new library a perfect environment for both studying and socializing.

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3. The photography club organized an outdoor excursion to capture the beauty of the nearby national park. Club members spent the day exploring the park, taking pictures of pristine landscapes, diverse wildlife, and stunning vistas ________ they shared their best photographs during their next club meeting.

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4. Throughout his career, Charles has worked in several different industries, including finance, technology, and healthcare _________ this wide range of experiences has given him valuable skills and insights.

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5. When Jane moved to New York City, she decided to attend several Broadway shows. Over the past few months, she has seen popular productions like Hamilton _________ and Wicked.

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