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Verbal Quiz - Paralelism

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1. In his free time, Carlos enjoyed building model airplanes, playing the guitar, and ____. These hobbies enriched his life and helped him maintain a balanced lifestyle.

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2. Oliver appreciated the serenity of mountain hikes, the excitement of exploring new cities, and ____. These experiences allowed him to unwind and reflect on life.

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3. The CEO wanted to revamp the company's brand, envision a new marketing strategy, and ____. He believed that these changes would lead to higher profits and a better reputation in the industry.

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4. The nutritionist advised her clients to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables, reduce their intake of processed foods, and ____. Making these changes would lead to better overall health.

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5. The recipe calls for mixing the dry ingredients, blending in the wet ingredients, and ____. Following these steps carefully will ensure a delicious outcome.

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