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Verbal Quiz - Redundancy

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1. The school administration introduced a unique program designed to build students' entrepreneurial skills through hands-on learning experiences. The program involves creating a small business venture, managing finances, and marketing their products. This innovative learning approach enables students to develop valuable ________ for future success in business endeavors.

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2. As part of the school's effort to encourage a healthy lifestyle among students, they implemented a comprehensive physical education program that not only teaches sports and activities but also offers lessons on maintaining a balanced diet and setting personal fitness goals. This holistic approach to ________ helps to develop well-rounded individuals.

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3. The science department at the high school saw an increase in students' interest in space exploration. To capitalize on this enthusiasm, the school arranged a special event in collaboration with a local planetarium, where students had the opportunity to view celestial objects through high-powered telescopes and attend presentations about the latest discoveries in ________.

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4. After listening to several lectures on the importance of mindfulness and stress reduction, the students decided to establish a club where they could practice relaxation techniques and discuss ways to handle school-related stress. They even invited a yoga instructor to lead weekly classes in breathing exercises and stress-relieving poses. The influence of _________ on their daily school life became apparent as the club’s popularity grew.

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5. The online retailer recently introduced a new feature on its website that allows customers to customize their orders by selecting specific product options. This flexibility in personalizing the purchases has led to an increase in customer satisfaction and ________.

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