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Verbal Quiz - Transitions

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1. In modern cities, public transportation options like buses and trains offer a convenient and cost-effective way for residents to travel. _______, cycling and walking also provide eco-friendly alternatives for shorter distances. Which choice most logically completes the text?

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2. Rebecca's proficiency in numerous programming languages has made her an indispensable asset to her company's software development team. _______, her exemplary communication skills and approachable demeanor have also fostered a positive working environment for her colleagues. Which choice most logically completes the text?

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3. Several studies have reported the benefits of practicing yoga, such as stress reduction, improved flexibility, and increased strength. ______, incorporating mindfulness meditation into regular yoga practice has been shown to further enhance one's mental clarity and focus. Which choice most logically completes the text?

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4. Shelly's artwork is characterized by its surreal elements and ethereal subject matter, which captivate and astound viewers. _______, her vivid color palette lends a sense of boldness and vitality to her pieces. Which choice most logically completes the text?

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5. The new shopping mall has received mixed reviews from local residents. ______ it provides a variety of shops, dining options, and leisure facilities, many argue that its construction led to traffic congestion and the displacement of smaller, locally-owned businesses.

Which choice most logically completes the text?

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